About Us

About RealCoffeepedia

RealCoffeepedia endeavors to share with you everything about coffee beans, coffee makers, and anything related to coffee. My name is Aizaz, and coffee is my love. I’ve combined my passion for blogging and love for coffee to create this blog where you can learn extensively from my experiences and fun experiments I perform with the brew to make it taste heavenly!

As someone who grew up loving coffee even to the extent of trying to become a self-trained barista at home (successfully to an extent), I just love the smell of coffee beans and it brings a huge smile on my face whenever I see a hot steaming cup of Joe waiting for me in the morning.

At Realcoffeepedia, I try to provide answers to the most basic questions about coffee that you’d otherwise consider too naïve to look for anywhere else.  Explore these pages, and you will find something useful. If you are already a coffee expert, then these pages will have very detailed articles covering basics to advanced knowledge about coffee. Overall, the knowledge in the world of coffee is very vast, and this blog tries its best to present to you a compact version of that knowledge so you can improve your coffee-related experiences.

In my free time, I love to read books and you’ll mostly find me reading about coffee while enjoying my favorite brew by my side!