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How to Get a Free Starbucks Drink on Your Birthday? (Explained!)

Nowadays, companies are switching to more and more unconventional tactics to increase their customer satisfaction and pay gratitude to their loyal consumers.

One of the most well-known companies applying this tactic is Starbucks. Starbucks offers free drinks or food items to their loyal customers yearly based on their birth date. This is cheap and achieves the goals they have, while also being easy and satisfactory for their regular customers. In the business world, this can be termed a personalized marketing effort.

Other than that it is very simple and does not require much effort at all to do. It’s just some easy-to-get enjoyable coffee for your birthday. To be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a hot cup of Joe especially when you get it for free on your special day? This post is all about how to get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday.

Here, we will explain the qualifications required to receive the birthday coffee and other facts that may be useful for coffee lovers!

Starbucks Free Birthday Drink 2022

People are excited about getting a free drink from Starbucks on their birthday. Do you want to enjoy a nice steaming cup of coffee on your birthday? Keep on reading this post to find out what exactly you need to do to become eligible for the drink.

Don’t worry, it’s not a hectic process at all but rather a fairly simple one. All you need is the Starbucks app installed on your phone or Starbucks Card registered. If you are a regular customer, chances are you’ll definitely have one of these ready with you.

Can You Get Any Size Free Birthday Drink At Starbucks?

You can get your birthday reward coffee in any of the standard sizes available. Almost all the menu items are included in the reward program in standard sizes.

The standard sizes available include:

1: Tall (12 ounces)

2: Grande (16 ounces)

3: Venti (24 ounces)

4: Trenta (31 ounces)

As long as you order in these sizes, anything on the menu can be yours! We recommend that you order the biggest size. A chance like this will only come once a year after all.

You can have both handmade and also the bottles of drinks as your reward, the choice is yours.

However, certain food items such as a tray of pastries, alcoholic beverages, etc. are not available in this program. You won’t have a problem unless you’re picky!

How Long Is Starbucks Free Birthday Drink Good For? (Expiration?)

Earlier, you were able to redeem your birthday reward for the entire month of your birthday but due to policy change that is no longer possible. Now, the reward is only redeemable on the exact date of birth you have registered on the Starbucks app. Any date before or after will not count and your reward will expire.

For this, you must record your birthday when you create a Starbucks account. If there has been some mistake or you did not record your birthdate, that can also be changed later. We recommend that you record your birth date the first time to avoid complications.

However, there are systems in place to prevent ill use of this feature so that it is not abused to get extra rewards.

Can I Use My Starbucks Birthday Reward After My Birthday?

No. It can only be redeemed at the exact registered birth date. The reward expires immediately after the birth date is over. It cannot be redeemed before OR after from any branch of Starbucks. The reward will deactivate and it cannot be scanned or ordered.

If you miss your chance to redeem it, then there is no other option than to wait until the next year. This is a way to avoid people misusing their gift rewards.

This is why you should make sure to keep reminders and be on time, no one wants to miss this opportunity.

How Do I Get My Free Drink From Starbucks?

All you need to do is to give the barista your registered Starbucks Card bearing your reward. Make sure you do it at least seven days before your birthday because you’ll receive an email two days before your birthday informing you about your Reward with Starbucks.

Starbucks App can also be used instead of the Starbucks Card to redeem your reward. Honestly, it’s much easier than carrying around the Starbucks Card in your wallet all the time. You can enjoy your food or beverage whichever you prefer.

To be eligible for this gift the following are the requirements:

1: You should sign up for the gift program a minimum of 7 days in advance.

2: You need at least a 1-star earning purchase within the year before your birthdate.

3: When receiving your free gift, you must show them your registered account on the Starbucks app.

You may also be eligible for free refills and other benefits on the day of your birthday.  There is no conceivable loss and so there isn’t any reason not to try it. These are easy-to-follow steps and won’t take much effort to do. Just enjoy your free cup of coffee!

Can I Redeem My Starbucks Birthday Gift At Target?

Yes, you surely can, all you need to do is to inform the guy at the payment counter about your birthday Reward and let him/her scan the app. However, it might vary from location to location of the Target store, so make sure you ask them beforehand whether or not they’ll allow you to redeem your Starbucks birthday gift at Target.

It is definitely worthwhile to redeem this gift. Just by registering on the Starbucks app, you can have free coffee or food items once every year! Whether it be Grande or Venti, is up to you.

There is nothing to lose and some free coffee to gain. It does not take much time to register and the steps are as simple as they can be. For people who are regular to Starbucks anyways. It’s a win situation, there is no reason not to take this opportunity!

Although we recommend that you keep in mind all the requirements because no one wants to lose the prize last second!

Is Starbucks Coffee Free In Birthday Month?

As explained above, Starbucks coffee is not free for the entire birthday month. That’d be a way to run out of coffee for sure, and also out of business if people keep getting a free coffee for the entire month of their birthdays. How this works is that you get one complimentary drink or food item that you like.

Bear in mind that it’s ONE TIME ONLY and not a recurring reward. For instance, if you have it this year, then you’ll have to wait a whole year to redeem the next Birthday Reward from Starbucks.

Best Starbucks Birthday Drink

This is a question with no objective answer, but we will help you judge for yourself regardless.

Starbucks has two main types of coffee;

1: Classic Coffee

2: Frappuccino Coffee

Although there is no objective answer, what we can go off of is the subjective opinions that people hold. Although classic coffee is still very popular, in a survey taken by Starbucks, Frappuccino was voted their most popular drink. This does not objectively make it the best, however. That is for you yourself to decide!

A Frappuccino is a mixture of ice cream and coffee in a cup! It also includes whipped cream and syrup, while a classical coffee needs no introduction.

With this knowledge now in your belt, you will be able to decide your pick for your birthday reward. Your choice of course does not have to be the same as everyone else. Every coffee lover has their own little preferences, so don’t restrict yourself from what you can get.

Final thoughts

This was all about getting a free Starbucks drink on your birthday. So if your birthday is around the corner and you want to enjoy a food item or coffee from Starbucks absolutely FREE, you should definitely try out the Starbucks birthday reward.

You can also recommend the deal to someone you know who has their birthday approaching. Keep coming back to these pages to know more about coffee. If you are a coffee lover, you’ll find something useful here.

Have a wonderful day ahead!

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