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Starbucks Vending Machines: Explained in Detail

If you’ve heard of these machines and are wondering why you haven’t commonly seen Starbucks vending machines, this post is for you. Here, we’ll provide all the information we could gather about these machines including Starbucks’ idea behind introducing these machines, their cost, types, sizes, and more.

If you are looking for a quick answer to whether these machines exist or not, well, the answer is yes. Not only do these machines exist but are also being used in many places. Even though these not be as common as you’d think because of several reasons, we’ll discuss why Starbucks invented these despite having a successful chain of businesses across the globe.

Though we’ve answered whether Starbucks has vending machines or not, let’s take a deeper look at the question to understand better.

Does Starbucks Have Vending Machines?

Many businesses in the US have Starbucks vending machines. These machines are self-serving solutions so people can just go to a corner of the office and select their favorite drink, and pay for it in a cashless transaction (more on it later) to enjoy their favorite brew.

Now people don’t have to leave their office space to grab a nice hot steaming cup of Starbucks coffee. These vending machines come in different sizes and also offer various types of drinks. Starbucks also has self-serving kiosks that are rentable, but the vending machines are different.

These vending machines might be used in those self-serve kiosks but the idea behind introducing these machines. Let’s reverse-engineer Starbucks’ thought process behind these vending machines.

What’s the Idea Behind These Vending Machines?

Have you ever seen a commercial self-serving vending machine? These are a common sight across the malls and even in your buildings, you might find one.

Starbucks’ machines also offer similar options to the users. People can get a hold of hot or cold drinks through these machines easily. It has a smart touchscreen with easy navigation making it convenient to select the drink of your choice.

As soon as you finalize your order, the slot will give you the drink you asked for in less than a minute. The idea behind these vending machines is quite simple, Starbucks will save a lot of manpower at the place where the machine operates.

The refilling of the ingredients such as milk and beans is still a requirement and can only be done manually, but it doesn’t require the expertise of trained baristas to do so. Anyone could do it without much effort.

How Do The Machines Work?

The vending machines by Starbucks are very user-friendly and have self-serve systems as explained above. Another remarkable feature of these machines is the option it offers to their users to customize the drinks.

These machines are generally considered to be commercial in nature because businesses around the US use these. However, the availability of different sizes in these makes them a lucrative option for small businesses and even individuals who love Starbucks.

The machines are designed to operate with the swipe of a card to make the transaction cashless. There are also cash options available as the machine has a slot to accept direct cash (not all have this option).

There’s a wide range of options available as well, you can choose to have a hot chocolate, espresso, latte, and many more.

Just choose the right drink and the size you want on the smart display and continue your day sipping on your favorite coffee. Convenient, right? If you’re wondering how much coffee will you get through the vending machines, expect around 9 ounces in a cup.

The drink also comes out in steel can having a label that is insulated (the cup will remain hot even if you are on the go).

Who Will Run These Machines?

As explained above, these machines are great for businesses and offices. Even individuals who can afford a high-end Starbucks coffee vending machine can run these machines. If you’ve ever been to Albertsons stores in the US, you must’ve seen one of these in a corner somewhere.

Even small grocery chains also have these machines in their setup. So the next time you’re out grocery shopping, keep your eyes open and you’ll see one of these beauties in a corner somewhere.

If you are a college or university student, you might have seen these in the corridors. Is it so? Have you ever tried drinks from these? Do share your experiences in the comments below. These will help others as well.

These vending machines are also environmentally friendly because they offer non-plastic cups. They use recyclable steel cups and every time you use these machines, you’ll get served in one of them. Related post: How Much is A Cup of Water at Starbucks?

How Much Is A Starbucks Machine?

The cost of these machines depends on a number of factors. The foremost is the size of vending machine you are buying. For instance, these come in three different sizes i.e. Short, Tall, and Grande (no, I’m not referring to the cup sizes).

Starbucks has done smart wordplay with the size of their vending machines and has used their cup sizes as a reference point. Here’s a table breaking down important information for you:

Size of the vending machine Capacity
Small 60 cups per day
Tall 100 cups per day
Grande 120+ cups per day

Brand new vending machines usually cost between $3,000 to $18,000. However, when it comes to Starbucks vending machines, their cost would be higher because after all, it is Starbucks.

The cost of these machines would also depend on the size and the features that the machine offers.

Will Starbucks Vending Machines Replace Baristas?

The idea is not to replace the baristas working at their coffee shops but to make it convenient for businesses and offices to grab a drink without having to travel all the way for a cup.

There are people who’d rather prefer walking all the way to a coffee shop because it gives them a temporary escape from the mundane office environment.

Also, a nice little chat with a barista about coffee is always refreshing (not an option if you are going to a busy Starbucks café). Also check out the related post: Starbucks Cold Foam Drinks.

Will These Machines Catch On In The Offices?

These vending machines are introduced with an intention, however, these have failed to catch on as Starbucks was hoping. The primary reason for the lack of interest by the people is that most people enjoy going to a café and having a cup of coffee.

It also gives people a reason to go out and freshen themselves up for a meeting or afternoon. Even if these machines catch on in the future for their convenience, there’ll still be a bunch of people who’d always prefer going to a Starbucks café than getting their latte or black coffee using a vending machine.

While these machines are an excellent idea for strict bosses who want to ensure the presence of their employees on the premises during office hours, it’s not a good idea for the majority that want to escape the office for a few moments.

Countertop Versus Freestanding

Starbucks vending machines are available as a countertop if there’s a small business and a freestanding machine if the business is large. These types of machines make them scalable as per the size of the business and its needs.

Moreover, the machines aren’t difficult to set up and very convenient for those who want to enjoy their signature Starbucks beverage without having to find the nearest Starbucks outlet. The design of these machines also goes well with the sophistication of the office environment.

It has an illuminated logo at the top that gives you a cozy feel every time you try to brew a cup through the machine. It’s a reassuring reminder that even though you are using a vending machine, you are still going to get your favorite Starbucks with the same taste and glory.

There’s also an option to use ceramic cups and an option to extend the counter space if you need to cater to a large business. Overall, it’s a perfect self-serve solution for businesses not only in the US but across the globe.

I’m not sure if it’s available in other countries, but since the US is the focus of this blog, I could dig out this useful information for my readers.

Does It Give the Feel of a Coffeehouse?

Even though the Starbucks marketing team would like you to believe you’d be getting the whole Starbucks coffeehouse experience at your office.

The truth is, it doesn’t even come close to the experience. At a coffeehouse, you interact with the barista about the drinks and also have a regular chat with them.

Unfortunately, apart from the same-tasting coffee, you don’t get much of an experience of a coffeehouse.

Final Thoughts

I hope you liked this information about Starbucks Vending Machines. Do you have any questions related to these machines? Pose them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Also, if you’ve already tried out the drinks from these vending machines, don’t forget to share your experience with others on these pages as the purpose of this blog is to enlighten others about the experiences we go through. Looking forward to reading your thoughts. Have a great day!

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