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Can You Drink Coffee With Braces? (Know This Before Drinking!)

If you are wearing braces but want to know whether you’d need to cut back on your coffee intake, this post is here to help you. In this one, we’ll answer “can you drink coffee with braces” and also give you a few interesting facts that’ll be helpful in your journey to a perfect smile without worrying about your cup of Joe.

Coffee gives me the buzz I need to perform throughout the day. I just can’t pass my day without feeling the rush of coffee in my brain early in the morning. If you can relate to these statements, you’ll find useful information here.

If you are in for a quick yes or no, then the answer is yes and a no (yes, it’s like a quantum bit, I know). Confused? Don’t be, it actually depends on the type of braces you have on. There are different types of braces and some of them are designed to withhold the effects of substances such as tannin present in your coffee without harming your teeth.

Before we dive deep into the question, let’s take a look at the types of braces out there to understand which ones you have on and you can decide for yourself whether you can have coffee with them or not.

Know the Type of Braces You Have

There are traditional braces (metal and clear) and then there is Invisalign. There are different types of risks associated with having coffee after getting these braces. The amount of coffee, wine, soda, or any other such drink also matters when consuming while having braces on.

An occasional slip-up might not be dangerous, but if you are habitual of these drinks and keep on consuming one cup after another, the benefits of having braces on might be reversed. We’ll discuss these in detail here.


Let’s talk about the Invisalign first, these are made of plastic and can easily warp. So if you are currently undergoing treatment for Invisalign, it’s best to avoid coffee, sorry if you are a coffee lover. But all is not lost because there’s certainly a way out for you.

But before we talk about the solutions, let’s find out why exactly drinking coffee while having Invisalign might not be a great idea. Basically, Invisalign is made up of plastic and when you put them on, it is customized to the shape of your teeth, so most of the time, your doctors will tell you to avoid extremely hot drinks to maintain that shape.

If you are aware of the basic laws of physics, you’d know that heat can bend the plastic. So when you consume too much hot coffee, there’s a chance it might damage the shape of your Invisalign rendering your treatment invalid.


Coffee can also stain your trays, so the best option for you would be to take your trays out have your coffee, clean your teeth, and put the trays back on. There are other solutions discussed below as well. So that’s all about Invisalign and trays. Let’s look at the traditional braces now.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are composed of brackets and bands to hold them tight onto your teeth and press them to come together. But there’s a high likelihood of these brackets and bands getting stained by the tannins in your coffee.

So you should avoid or at least cut back on your coffee intake if you are wearing traditional braces for optimal results. Once the brackets and bands are stained, your teeth will also have the same impact.

But if coffee is like oxygen to you, the best you can do under these circumstances is to have your coffee and rinse it off with a good mouthwash or water. This will wash off any pigments or impurities that might stick to your braces.

The question to ask yourself really is, is the risk worth taking? Braces cost you a ton and a lot of time, coffee isn’t going anywhere, so why not wait for the braces to come off and then enjoy your cup of coffee?

I know I sound like a school teacher here, but really if you come to think about it, the cost of having coffee outweighs the benefits of having braces on.

Can You Drink Coffee with Metal Braces?

Some people have metal braces on, these are also traditional braces so the same arguments given above would apply to these. But let’s dive in a little deeper here.

The most important fact to understand is that coffee contains pigments (these are small substances that compose the grounds), these are sticky and hold onto any space they can find on your teeth or braces.

When you are wearing metal braces, you can have coffee if you are an occasional drinker. But if you consume cup after cup of Joe, you might want to hold off until later. I’m not saying this as a doctor but just giving you a precautionary measure.

Possible consequences can be staining of your teeth behind the braces. You might not see it immediately, the effects will be visible only when you take off the braces. Just as an extra precaution, always contact your doctor before deciding to grab your cup of coffee.

Can I Drink Coffee With Clear Braces?

Clear braces are also another type and many people wonder whether they can drink coffee after getting one of these. Well, if you have the modern ones, you’d know that these have good resistance against stains. You’d also notice that it has elastics, if you consume too much coffee, these can be discolored (only slightly).

But the good news here is that you can avoid even this minor damage by making sure you drink plenty of water after having your coffee. You need to swish around the water in your mouth to get rid of the pigments we discussed above.

Another solution is to brush your teeth after having coffee, but there’s a caveat here, you’ll need to wait for some time as you cannot immediately brush your teeth after consuming coffee.

Can I Have Iced Coffee With Braces?

Hot coffee can have adverse consequences for your braces, what about cold coffee? At least, you should be able to satiate your caffeine intake that way.

Can you really have iced coffee with those braces? The answer is yes, you can. But that doesn’t mean it won’t stain your teeth, the chances are reduced quite a bit when you consume the drink in its iced form. Moreover, to reduce the chances of staining to a bare minimum you can use a straw to drink your iced coffee.

When you buy iced coffee or iced tea from your local coffee shop, usually, it’s accompanied by a straw. If you are wearing braces, don’t do away with the straw because when you have iced coffee using a straw, the liquid doesn’t come into direct contact with your braces for long and you can swallow it without staining them.

Should I Brush My Braces After Drinking Coffee?

Yes, you should brush your braces after drinking coffee but make sure you don’t do it immediately after having your drink and wait for at least half an hour.

Drinks such as coffee, soda, and wine are highly acidic and can make the enamel (a substance acting as the outer cover on your teeth) soft.

Drinking coffee can make the enamels hot making them susceptible to damage if scratched with a toothbrush even if you intend to brush your braces, it’s only natural that your toothbrush will make direct contact with your teeth.

So enjoy your beverage and wait for half an hour before brushing your braces for the best results.

How Often Can You Have Coffee With Braces?

This is an important question to ask. The answer would depend on the type of braces you have on and the precautions you are willing to take to save your braces. Wondering what those measures are? Let’s take a quick look at these:

Using a Straw

Use a straw when drinking coffee, it can significantly reduce the chances of staining teeth or braces. This doesn’t mean you can consume as much coffee as you want. If you are a coffee addict, you might want to cut back on your intake. However, an occasional cup of coffee with a straw won’t hurt you.

Removing the trays

If you are wearing trays, you can remove them and enjoy your beverage before putting them back on. For best results, you can use mouthwash after having your coffee and clean your trays to put them on.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is an excellent option if you want to enjoy coffee while having your braces on. Make sure you use a straw and you are good to go.

How many cups can you consume? Well, having too much of anything is not good, and drinking too much-iced coffee is certainly not good for your throat as you might develop a throat infection due to a cold.

If you are specifically asking for my recommendations on how much coffee you can consume per day, two cups per day should be safe with those braces on. However, it’s always best to consult your doctor with this query as you shouldn’t take any risks with your braces.

Final Words

That was it about can you drink coffee with braces. In the post, we covered different types of braces and the impacts of consuming coffee while having them on. We also looked at possible ways to enjoy your favorite drink without worrying too much about the consequences.

I hope this information was useful to you if you liked what I shared here. Do leave a comment below as hearing from you makes my day. Check out a related post: Does Coffee Stain Clothes? Ciao!

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