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Aeroccino Blinking Red: Diagnosis & Solutions

If you have an Aeroccino blinking red but your device was working fine just a few hours ago, you are not alone. In this post, we’ll cover all the possible errors and try to resolve them one by one. You need to be careful before applying any solutions though because it might void your warranty. Follow the steps in the post and you should be good.

According to the official Nespresso website, Aeroccino blinks red due to several reasons including overheating quickly, poor quality milk, not being cleaned properly, issues with the whisk, and more. While some may require professional help, other issues are easy DIY fixes that you must try at home.

You should also know that the errors explained here are particular to Aeroccino 3 but the solutions can work well for the upgraded versions as well. Moreover, the fixes discussed in the post are quite harmless and you can try them out without worrying about your warranty claim.

Let’s have a look at the errors one by one and the possible solution that you can try:

Using Aeroccino Immediately After Previous Use

If you just brewed a nice cup of latte for yourself and tried to brew a second cup immediately after that, there’s a chance you might be getting the blinking red light because of this reason.


Basically, the Aeroccino has an in-built thermostat that tells the machine to stop heating milk if the temperature is too high. Why is this so? Well, obviously to prevent the milk inside from burning out. Burned milk would spoil your entire experience, wouldn’t it?

Here’s what needs to be done in this situation:


Unplug the Aeroccino and take some cold water. Rinse the frother from the inside with that cold water and clean it thoroughly with a dry cloth or paper towel afterward. The point is to cool off the machine before you use it again.

If it still doesn’t work and keeps blinking red, you should claim your warranty and call the Nespresso Customer Support helpline.

Milk Traces Inside The Machine

If you’ve been using Aerccino for quite a while now and haven’t cleaned it properly, there might be traces of milk left inside. These build up over time and clog the whisk and the machine gives you the flashing red light.


When you use the machine at regular intervals the milk traces tend to block the whisk from spinning and end up needing more power and heating up quickly in the process. This overheating causes the flashing or blinking red light in your Aeroccino.


You’d need to clean the whisk thoroughly to make sure the small particles are completely removed from the whisk so that it rotates smoothly. You should perform thorough cleaning after each use to make sure the build-up doesn’t happen. You should use a scourer (non-sticky one) with cold water to perform the cleaning process.

For best results, clean the inside as thoroughly as you can each time. You should be careful while cleaning and rinsing the whisk because the part is sensitive and might break. So be gentle during the cleaning process or you might end up voiding your warranty claim.

The Missing Whisk

Sometimes, the Aeroccino also flashes a red light when the whisk is missing. You should double-check the inside of your Aeroccino to make sure the whisk is in its place.


When the whisk is missing, the Aeroccino cannot perform frothing because it needs the whisks to perform this operation. So when you are pouring milk, you need to make sure the whisk is there.


This one is a fairly simple fix, just make sure the whisk is there or if you see it there, you can take it out and fix it again to make sure it’s in its proper place. Mostly, this happens after the cleaning process because you forget to fix the whisk back into its original place.

The Milk Problem

If you look at your Aeroccino closely, you’ll see two horizontal lines. These indicate the level of milk required for frothing. If it’s lower than that, your Aeroccino will give you the flashing red. If you are using a coil on the whisk, make sure your milk level at least touches the bottom line (don’t exceed this limit).


Aeroccino is designed with a specific capacity to perform well. If you don’t fill it to that capacity or if you overfill it, in both these cases, it might give you a flashing red light. Also, the quality of your milk can also sometimes trigger a flashing red light.

Try to use “barista” versions of milk for best results as non-dairy milk might not produce the optimal results. My personal preference is Barista Oat Milk.

If you tried all the solutions mentioned above and nothing worked, you need to contact Nespresso Customer Support. I have a bonus tip for you that you might find handy in case you try to contact Nespresso support.

Customer Support Tip

When you are talking to the support representative, follow all the steps they mention and if nothing works, you should bluntly ask for a replacement. Sometimes, you might get a representative who is not willing to help you get a replacement, you can cut the call and try again.

Eventually, you’ll come across a representative who is willing to go the extra mile to provide you with top-notch customer service. I know it’s not professional but I’m telling you this from experience. I’ve seen people getting upgrades on their machines because of these faults.

How To Claim Aeroccino Warranty

You just need to call Customer support and they’ll have you run the troubleshooting first. If they see that it’s beyond a fix, they’ll ask you to send in the machine and you can claim your warranty. They might ask you for the information about the product so keep your paperwork ready to claim your warranty.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about Aeroccino blinking red. I hope you found this information valuable and it helped you resolve the issue. Did it work for you? Let me know in the comments below. Also, let me know if you’ve got any questions relating to your Aeroccino and I’ll be happy to help.

Best of luck!

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