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Nescafe Pods: (Flavors, Sizes, Cost, and More)

I was scrolling through the pages on search engines to get some information about Nescafe pods or capsules but couldn’t find a single reliable resource. All the information was scattered throughout different pages. So I thought I’d compile the information for my readers and present it to them in the form of a blog post.

After reading this post, you’ll know whether or not your coffee pods are compatible with your Nescafe machine, what are some of the flavor options you have available, are there different sizes for Nescafe capsules just like the Nespresso, and other such details.

You can consider this post as the single resource to gain sufficient knowledge on Nescafe pods (capsules). Firstly, you should know that Nescafe calls their pod capsules. Many people still call them pods because they are most familiar with Nespresso as a brand and Nespresso calls the pods. There’s a difference between Nescafe and Nespresso.

What Coffee Pods Are Compatible With Nescafe Machines?

Only the pods manufactured by Nescafe are compatible with their machines. They don’t work with any other coffee pods (capsules). Don’t even try to insert other capsules because Nescafe capsules come with specific dimensions (sizes) i.e. 14.72 X 5.04 X 5 inches.

The most commonly used Nescafe machine is Dolce Gusto, so when I’m talking about Nescafe, I mean Dolce Gusto and similar models.

What Flavors Are Available For Nescafé Pods?

As per the information available on Nestlé’s official website, there are 20 different flavors available for Nescafe pods. However, you can check them out there on the website, for keeping this post brief, I’ll discuss the 7 most popular flavors that almost everybody loves.

Caffe Americano

If you love espresso coffee and like it strong, this flavor is a perfect option for you to try. It produces the golden cream that you’d adore as a coffee-lover. The flavor is a testament to the original American coffee blend.


This uses powdered milk to create the cappuccino, so you should expect a sweeter drink when making it. It’s basically like any other cappuccino brewed using powdered milk.

Latte Macchiato

As the name suggests, it’s a milk-based drink as well and uses espresso to form its base. It’s a great option for people who like their coffees mild.


If you like chocolates, you’d love this drink. This flavor is made using cocoa beans and the taste is very prominent.

Caffe Lungo

Caffe Lungo gives you a full cup of coffee with a strong coffee aroma and a thick layer of crema. A perfect choice for people who want to enjoy their coffee on the go.


This flavor really needs no introduction. If you like it black and intense, this is the drink for you. It’s even stronger than Americano. You’d need to have a developed taste for a black coffee to enjoy this one.

Skinny Cappuccino

It’s the same flavor as the Cappuccino explained above, the only difference is that it’s brewed using fat-free milk.

Skinny Latte Macchiato

This again is the low-calorie version of the flavor mentioned above. You can expect a slight difference in taste since this one also uses fat-free milk instead of powdered one.

Do Nescafe Pods Come In Different Sizes?

Nescafe pods have a similar size in terms of dimensions. However, they come in boxes of pods. Each box can contain 96 pods. The minimum I saw on their website was 4. The number of pods in each box was always a multiple of 16 or 12.

For instance, there would be a box of 16 pods, 3 boxes having 48 pods, and even 6 boxes having 96 pods. All of these are multiples. I also saw a box of 12 pods though, so it’s not like there’s a rule or something about the number of pods in the boxes.

Refillable Nescafe pods are also available. There’s a specific procedure to fill them and use them. I’ll write a separate post about how to use refillable Nescafe pods as this is beyond the scope of the topic here.

How Much Do Nescafe Pods Cost?

The prices of each box varied depending on the flavor you choose and the size of the box. Here’s an estimate of the prices just to give you an idea.

The prices of the pods varied between 3.99 Euros per box to 21.55 Euros for 6 boxes (96 pods total).

Each box also mentions the intensity of the drink at the top and you can choose according to your preferences. If you like intense drinks, you should choose ones closer to 10. If you want to go for milder ones, you can choose less intense flavors.

you should know that these prices are as per the official website, if you buy from Amazon or other such places, the prices might vary.

Nescafe Pods For Keurig

Well, you can’t use the Nescafe pods in a Keurig because you’d already know that Keurig uses K-Cups.

There might be similar flavors for you to choose from, but you’ll have to look for them on their website. I did find Starbucks coffees on their website, but I couldn’t see Keurig flavors.

Do you know any Keurig flavors for Nescafe, do share them with others in the comments below so everyone can benefit from that information.

Are Nespresso Pods Compatible With Nescafe?

Nescafe and Nespresso use different capsule-making mechanisms so their pods are not compatible with each other. You can surely find similar flavors on the website but trying to use a Nespresso pod in a Nescafe machine simply wouldn’t work.

It’s such a shame though, both the companies are owned by Nestle, but their brewing systems and capsules-making systems are different, this really limits the choices for coffee-lovers. Do you think the same? Let me know in the comments below.

Final Words

After reading this piece, I hope you are now clear about Nescafe pods. Now that you know about them, do you have any recommendations for other readers? Let me know and I’ll update this post to include the recommendations in the post.

I hope you liked the information I shared in the article.

Have a great day!

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