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Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive? (Explained in Detail)

If you’ve ever been to a store or ordered an espresso machine online, you must’ve wondered ‘why are espresso machines so expensive?’ There are plenty of reasons for it and in this post, we’ll cover the factors behind a costly espresso machine and some of the features that contribute to the cost. This knowledge will help you make a better decision the next time you are out looking for an espresso machine.

Espresso Machines can be found almost anywhere these days ranging from a bookseller’s corner to even the kitchen counters of people. The factors that make espresso machines expensive include the material of the machine’s exterior, display features, temperature, pressure control, and finally, the most important is the brand that you choose.

The cost of these machines varies and not all of them are high-end. But overall, these are on the expensive side of things. Let’s cover the factors that make the machines expensive in detail and then have a look at some of the estimates to get an idea about their pricing.

Factors Making Espresso Expensive

The price range of espresso machines can be as low as $100 (USD) and can go up to a few thousand dollars depending on the features, the type of espresso machine you go for, and the brand you choose. The most important factors making these machines heavy on your pocket are elaborated below:

External Material

The material of the machine can be plastic, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and even gold (if you are an Arab Sheikh living in the Middle East!). Moreover, different components of the machines can be of different materials, for instance, boilers can be stainless steel or brass.

The basic logic remains the same, the more precious (premium) material used in manufacturing an espresso machine, the higher would be its price. This material also provides durability to the machine and results in the longevity of its operations.

If you are a coffee-snob who doesn’t brew a cup just for the sake of it, you should go for a premium quality brand (more on that later).

Display Options

There are espresso machines with no display options these are not very expensive. Then there are machines with a simple display (with no touch option), lastly, there are LED touch display machines that are high-end and certainly expensive.

Does the display matter? Well, if you like your products to look appealing and exquisite, then definitely it’s a great option to have in your espresso machine. Apart from the showoff, the display screen is super-easy to use. With the touch of a button, you can brew your favorite cup of Joe instantly without having to manually set everything in your machine.

It also gives off a professional look to your ambiance especially if you are a party-lover and love to have people over for having a great time.


The brand name is another key factor in the price of an espresso machine. People naturally trust the brand they’ve used. There are many brands manufacturing espresso machines in the market, but people choose and trust only a handful of them. This is because these brands have been able to build a level of trust with their customer base.

De’Longhi, Breville, and La Marzocco are a few famous names out there, and if you’re a coffee aficionado, you must’ve heard of these brands. These top brands come at a price tag, but the quality is also superior. So they do provide you the value for money if you can afford them.

Some of the brands only produce high-end coffee machines so their espresso machines are also naturally expensive.

Pressure & Temperature Options

If you like your coffee to have a specific taste and you like to be in the control of things then there are espresso machines that are specifically designed to give you these options. You can adjust the pressure and temperature of your brew.

The option to customize your drink is what attracts many coffee lovers. If you like your coffee strong, you can raise the pressure bars and get full extraction from the grounds giving your coffee a strong taste.

Other Factors

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are some others such as the competition for a machine in the market, consumer demand, and availability of the features in the machines.

There are also different types of espresso machines and their prices vary based on those as well. Let’s briefly look at the various types of espresso machines.

Price Based on the Type of Espresso Machine

  1. Manual espresso machines

The manual espresso machines use a piston-based system to force the liquid to pass through grounded coffee. It’s called manual because you’ll have to operate the piston-based system manually.

There are also machines operating on the pump-based mechanism, these are also manual. The only difference is that the pump creates pressure for the user instead of manually creating pressure, unlike the piston-based espresso machines.

Manual machines have been around for quite a long and are not very expensive compared to the other two types explained below.

If you are old school and want to brew your coffee in the retro mode, then manual espresso machines are a perfect option for you.

  1. Semi and Fully-auto espresso machines

Semi-auto machines allow the users to ground and tamp their coffee manually; whereas, in the fully-auto espresso machines, everything is done for them. So fully-auto machines are more expensive than semi-auto ones.

Fully auto espresso machines are an ideal choice for beginners who don’t know the details of the coffee-making process. However, for someone who enjoys the brewing process and wants more control over it, semi-auto machines would be a better choice.

  1. Super-automated espresso machines

These are high-end espresso machines and are not light on your pocket. It’s more of a lifestyle choice for people who want to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. Just like the name, these are super convenient to the user.

Just turn on the button and let your machine do the rest for you. It simplifies all the processes for the user and creates ease for them.

These even turn off automatically after the coffee-making process is complete and also take care of the waste materials. You can then empty the built-in containers of waste at your own convenience. If you have a busy routine and are not tight on the budget, these are the right choice for you.

why expensive espresso machine

Is It Worth Buying An Espresso Machine?

This is a personal choice. If you enjoy a nice hot steaming cup of coffee every morning then you should buy one as it would be worth it for you. But if you are just an occasional coffee drinker and don’t use it regularly, it wouldn’t make sense to spend too much amount on espresso machines.

If you are a newbie, you should start with the low-budget ones making your way upwards. This will enable you to develop insight into the coffee-making process and learn about various types of coffee before diving deep into the coffee world.

It’ll save you tons of money and also the effort of going to the coffee shop every morning. You should first develop a taste for an espresso before making this investment. Read a related post on how long does it take to get addicted to caffeine?

How Much Should You Spend On An Espresso Machine?

If you buy an espresso machine for your home, it should cost somewhere between $100 to $700, these figures can fluctuate further based on the add-ons you decide to buy.

However, commercial espresso machines cost a lot more (between $500 to $18000). The choice of investment would depend on you an individual’s needs and preferences.

Most Expensive Espresso Machine

Many high-end espresso machines cost more than $15000. For instance, Nuovo Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3 Espresso Machine costs a whopping $17,100. It’s a commercial coffee maker and can be used in high-end restaurants.

There are also other expensive models such as Van Der Westen Speedster which comes at a price exceeding $15000 as well. These are some of the most expensive espresso machines I could find. Do you know about an espresso machine more expensive than the ones mentioned above? If yes, I’d love to know more about them from you.


This was all from my side about why are espresso machines so expensive. If you liked the information presented in the post, do leave a comment below. Also, keep visiting these pages to know more about coffee and develop a thorough understanding of various types of coffee, coffee-makers, and more.

Have a wonderful day ahead!

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