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Starbucks Cold Foam Drinks: Essentials Covered

As the summers are approaching, the mouthwatering Starbucks Cold Foam drinks are back with a bang! If you are a regular coffee drinker and don’t want the scorching heat of summers to hold you back from enjoying your brew, this piece is definitely for you. It’s only a matter of time before your taste buds get well-acquainted with their taste and bless you for choosing these drinks.

It’s important to know that cold foam is not a drink but an add-on that you can use to customize your drinks. The cold foam drinks Starbucks offer come in a variety of flavors bound to please your taste buds. It was back in 2014 when they first introduced the option of cold foam toppings and they have been in vogue since then.

Many people are familiar with the option of topping their drinks with whip cream but they don’t know about the cold foam option. This year, it’s time to adorn your Starbucks coffee topping with cold foam.

Cold Foam Explained (How is it Prepared?)

There are two types of cold foams prepared at Starbucks (sweetened or unsweetened). They froth skimmed milk to produce a fine foam with their unique blender. The predominant flavor used is vanilla to sweeten the foam.

These cold foams have become so popular these days that it’s difficult to imagine Starbucks cold coffee without putting this yummy cream at the top. But if you are a newbie, you might not know the right combo to order a perfect drink at the counter.

This article will help you order your cold foam drinks with confidence and elegance the next time you decide to visit a Starbucks outlet.

The 7 Flavors of Cold Foam

Strawberry Puree

This is a special cold foam flavor, basically, it uses the essence of vanilla flavor and sweetly blends it with strawberry to give it a puree-like taste that stays with you long after you’ve had it. In some cases, it can even dominate the flavor of the cold coffee you order.

Irish Cream

As evident from its name, it blends Irish syrup with the default vanilla pumps to create this unique flavor. Those who have tried Irish cream should be in for a surprise as this cold foam is not how you’d expect it to taste.

Pumpkin Cream

Vanilla cream forms the core of all the flavors and Starbucks mix the other flavors to create the blend. In this one, they use pumpkin sauce (spicy) with vanilla cream to produce the cold foam. Moreover, pumpkin sauce is also sprinkled at the top to give it a predominantly pumpkin(ish) taste.

Raspberry Cold Foam

To create this one, Starbucks use their raspberry syrup (a one-of-a-kind) and mix it with vanilla cream to give out this extraordinary flavor. There’s no sprinkling of the flavor on the topping though since it is just syrup.

Salted Cream

If you can’t get enough of the salt in your meals throughout the day and want to make up for it, this topping is a must-have for you. They use the vanilla syrup as the dominant ingredient and add heavy cream plus salt to blend salted cream. Personally, I’d prefer other toppings as I’m not a huge fan of salty creams.

Vanilla Sweet Cream

Vanilla syrup and heavy cream with milk (2%) are combined to produce this delicious cold foam. My personal favorite and a must-try if you like to keep things simple.

Regular Cold Foam

If you don’t specify any flavor at the counter, chances are they’ll give you this one. Vanilla syrup and milk (non-fat) are blended to produce this excellent foam. You also have the option of ordering a skinny one and they’ll use the sugar-free version of the vanilla to create it.

Note* Cascara cold foam was also among the flavors but it has been discontinued now as the syrup needed to create this foam is not among the available products at Starbucks. Also, there have been other discontinued flavors such as dark cocoa almond milk foam, etc.

Things to Avoid When Ordering Cold Foam Drinks At Starbucks

Cold Foam with Hot Coffee

Although Starbucks won’t deny you this choice, it simply wouldn’t make much of sense. The purpose of cold foam is to enhance your cold coffee during the summers. If you order it with a hot coffee, it kind of defeats the purpose. But if you’re OK with it, there’s no stopping you.

Another reason you should avoid ordering the cold foam topping on a hot drink is that it’ll simply melt away before you’d know it. So there’s no point in ordering it.

Not Bothering About The Flavor

Most people are not aware of the cold foam flavors available at Starbucks and don’t really bother specifying their choice. Even though there are trained baristas to help you out, it’s always better to know what to order.

In case you are clueless, just like I was when I first ordered it, you’ll be in safe hands as the baristas will create the right combo for you.

The Unusual Toppings

Some people order cold foams on milkshakes or other heavy drinks. Since these drinks are already quite heavy, they should not be made heavier by ordering a cold foam topping. This is just a personal preference and advice, there’s no rule or something.

You should also not order cold foam with whipped cream as both of these are toppings and ordering two of these would just confuse the barista and not look cool on your part. Just choose either one of these options and order a drink, I’d suggest cold foam any day over whipped cream.

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My Top Picks from the Cold Foam Drinks

Even though Starbucks offers plenty of options to create an excellent cold coffee with foam as the topping. Here’s a list of 10 drinks you can try followed by the top 5 I picked.

top 10 cold foam drinks

Name of the Drink Remarks
Chocolate-covered Strawberry Cold Brew The “lovers’” drink
Nitro Cold Brew With Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Enjoy your summer drink
Salted Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew The smooth drink
Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew No nitro but good
Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew Spice it up
Irish Cream Cold Brew The “European” touch
Iced White Mocha with Cold Foam and Caramel Drizzle Can you say the drink’s name quickly 3 times?
Iced Vanilla Latte with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam If you are a “Vanilla guy” like me.
Toffee Nut Iced Coffee With Regular Cold Foam When you need a break from your mundane routine.
Iced Americano With Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam The “bold and the beautiful” drink


There are many other cold foam drinks at Starbucks, the list above was just to give you an idea about what to order the next time you visit Starbucks and want to order a cold foam drink.

My top 5 are the following:

  1. Iced Vanilla Latte with vanilla sweet cream cold foam
  2. Chocolate-covered strawberry cold brew
  3. Iced Americano with vanilla sweet cream cold foam
  4. Toffee nut iced coffee with regular cold foam
  5. Irish cream cold brew

Final Thoughts

Well, hope you liked the information in this article. This was not all about Starbucks Cold Foam Drinks as there are plenty of other great options to try.

This article was just to give you a brief idea about what to expect when you order cold foam drinks and what are some of the things you should avoid as a customer to not create any confusion for yourself or the baristas there.

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