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Nespresso Subscription: (For US, Canada, UK, and Australia)

If you are a Nespresso lover, chances are you might already know about the Nespresso subscription plans. But if you are new to the Nespresso (as most people are especially in the US), you should read this article to understand how different plans work and which one should you choose based on your coffee needs.

If you are with the Vertuo Line models of the Nespresso, you might have come across an offer suggesting you can own a machine for just $1. While this is true, there are some terms and conditions for you to understand before jumping to buy your machine.

Nespresso offers similar plans in most countries, for ease of understanding, we’ll cover plans for the US and you’ll be able to get the idea.

If you don’t own a Nespresso machine, there’s a subscription model that offers Nespresso machines (Vertuo Line models not Original Line models, there’s a difference but more on that later) for just 1$.

The best part is, that the amount you pay for a subscription is directly credited to your Nespresso Club account and you can use it to buy coffee and accessories from the Nespresso.

The second plan is when you already own a Nespresso machine and want to save a few bucks when buying Nespresso sleeves.

Let’s have a look at the Subscription plan when you don’t own a Nespresso

Machine Subscription By Nespresso

To make it comprehensive, have a look at the following table to understand various plans where you just have to pay the first month’s premium plus the cost of the machine to get started with the plan.

Name of the Machine Monthly fees Cost of the machine
Vertuo Next Solo Plan $50 $1.00
Vertuo Next & Aeroccino 3 Plan $75 $1.00
VertuoPlus & Aeroccino 3 Plan $75 $1.00
Essenza Mini Plan $50 $10.00
Essenza Mini & Aeroccino Plan $50 $20.00
Nespresso Atelier Plan $75 $200
Creatista Uno Plan $75 $300
Lattissima One Plan $75 $200
Creatista Plus Plan $100 $450
Creatista Pro Plan $100 $650
Gran Lattissima Plan $100 $300


The minimum tie-in with the plan is 24 months, this means once you commit to a plan, you’ll have to pay the premium till the plan ends, you can cancel your subscription at any time, I’ll explain the cancellation fees below.

Will You Own the Machine After Subscription?

Yes, from the 1st day of your subscription, you’ll have full ownership of the machine. The machine has a 2 years warranty, if the machine develops a fault, you have the option to get a replacement or even an upgrade in some cases.

For instance, if the machine develops red light error and you are unable to figure out the solution, you can call Nespresso’s helpline and they’ll replace the machine for you.

What Happens To Your Credit If You Don’t Use It?

The credit rolls over to the next month. If you buy a plan for $50 and use $25 this month, you’ll have $75 the next month because the balance from the previous month will be added to the next one.

Unused credit is accumulated for a period of 12 months, after that Nespresso would choose coffee (or accessories) for you and send you based on your preferences.

Nespresso Coffee Subscription

The second type of plan is for those who don’t own a coffee machine. There are 4 plans to choose from in the Nespresso Coffee Subscription. These range from $50 per two months to $100 per month.

Moreover, you get 10% extra credit for whichever plan you choose. For instance, if you buy the $100 coffee plan, you’ll get to spend $110 at the end of your credit. Confusing? Not really.

See the table below to understand the plans better and the benefits you get with each plan:

Sr. No. Plan Cost Benefits
1. $50 every two months 1 capsule per day + 10% extra
2. $50 every month 2 capsules per day + 10% extra
3. $75 every month 3 capsules per day +10% extra
4. $100 every month 4 capsules per day +10% extra


If you are a beginner to Nespresso, you should go for the ‘$50 every two months’ plan; however, if you are a barista or have a large household that can’t live without the brew, you should go for the $100 plan.

You also have the flexibility of choosing the recurring order to avoid the hassle of ordering again and again. Nespresso would just place the order for you automatically and deliver it to you.

The credits you accumulate during the plan are not just for coffee, you can utilize them to purchase other accessories and items either online or at Nespresso boutiques.

Is Free Delivery Available?

Usually, Nespresso offers free delivery if you buy 100 capsules, but if you subscribe to the Nespresso machine plan or coffee plan, you can get free delivery service on your order of 50 capsules.

Is the Subscription Worth The Money?

If you are a coffee snob and can’t imagine a morning without having your favorite coffee, you should go for the subscription without thinking twice. However, if you are new to the coffee world, it’s still worth it to try the cheaper plans first and build your way up if you are happy with your coffee.

There’s a caveat though, if you are one of those who’d like to grind their beans first and love the coffee-making process to give it a personalized touch, Nespresso plans might not be a good option for you.

Nespresso Subscription Cancellation

Canceling the coffee plan is simple enough, you can cancel it without any additional fee at any time and the credit you have in your account can be used for up to 12 months.

I couldn’t find anything about returning the credit to your bank account, I believe you’ll have to use it to buy Nespresso coffee and accessories.

For the machine subscription plan, it can be a bit of a challenge as there is a process they follow. It’s not very complicated though.

You’ll be charged a cancellation fee for Original Line machine plans will include machine cost and other charges. You should call the Nespresso helpline in this case to avoid any confusion.

Final Thoughts

This was all from my end about the Nespresso subscription plans. I tried my best to simplify the explanation as much as I could, if still have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to get back to you on those.

Have a great Nespresso day!

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