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Nespresso Coffee Quality: Truth Revealed

Consistency is the hallmark of quality, Nespresso certainly has it. Unfortunately, it’s not widely popular amongst American coffee enthusiasts because Americans have a strong affiliation with espresso and other types of coffee. But if you ask any European, especially French people, they’d tell you that Nespresso coffee quality is the finest.

This got me thinking, is there a way to measure the quality of Nespresso coffee objectively?

The short answer is if you are someone who wants to avoid the hassle of making your coffee every day by trying to control a number of variables, Nespresso coffee quality would definitely satisfy you. However, if you are one of those who can’t stand anything else than sheer perfection, then Nespresso might disappoint you.

I know, the answer above raises more questions than it answers. So let’s analyze Nespresso from different aspects i.e. flavors, taste, acidity, and intensity. For better results, we’ll also compare it with a shot of espresso that you might come across at your favorite coffee shop.

Nespresso Coffee Quality

An Overview of Nespresso’s Quality

Quality can be a subjective term, but for anyone who is not looking for perfection, Nespresso has everything to offer. It gives you consistent taste, same drink every morning to satisfy your coffee cravings.

Then there are coffee aficionados who look for a 10/10 drink even if it means taking pains to grind the beans themselves and brewing their cup at their desired temperatures and pressure. If coffee is not your hobby, it can become a bit overwhelming over the years.

If you are like me, Nespresso offers the perfect alternative. It’s great on both accounts, time and money. The brewing time is quick and it costs less than importing those costly beans and grounding them.

Let’s take a look at where Nespresso grows its coffee to gauge the quality.

Where Is Nespresso Coffee Grown?

According to the official website of Nespresso, their coffee beans are from the top 2% in the world. For maintaining high quality, it is essential that factors such as soil, water, sunlight, and care by farmers are controlled.

In case you are wondering where do coffee beans come from, let me enlighten you that cherries contain beans. Surprised? So the farmers then extract these beans from cherries, to maintain extraordinary quality, Nespresso asks the farmers to handpick beans instead of using costly machines. This helps preserve natural aromas.

These beans grow in different parts of the world especially in regions known as the coffee belt (more on that in a separate blog post). Extracted beans are then sent to Switzerland where the blending process takes place. Blending intensifies the natural aromas of beans, for instance, if a bean has fruity notes, the blending process enhances those.

Roasting comes next. Nespresso uses a split roasting technique, which means beans from a particular part of the world having similar aromatic characteristics are roasted together in batches to enhance their attributes.

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Finally, these beans are grounded, in order to produce the best coffee, Nespresso makes sure the beans are finely ground. The packaging method preserves aromas in the aluminum capsules, these remain good for at least a year.

The details above highlight the entire journey of your Nespresso from ‘bean to cup’. If we view it objectively, this entire process does seem to maintain high standards. However, despite all this, why do coffee lovers say it’s not a ‘real’ espresso? Let’s dig in further.

Is Nespresso High Quality Coffee?

Now that you know about how Nespresso’s ground coffee makes its way to coffee capsules or pods, let’s take a look at what you should expect when you take your first sip of Nespresso coffee:


Nespresso pods are available in different flavors including chocolate fudge and hazelnut. The flavors are consistent and you can expect the same coffee whenever you brew a cup.  However, it does not offer flavored espresso pods.


In terms of quality, the taste is consistent. However, the taste is more on the bitter side. Thankfully, the taste does not feel ‘burned’ as can be the case with other espressos.

However, for coffee connoisseurs, the taste might not strike the right chord. Again, the taste is very subjective as the taste buds of every individual are different.


Different Nespresso pods can have different acidity levels. If you consider less acidic coffee as good quality Nespresso will fit well with your coffee standards with some of the capsules. I’ll write a detailed article about less acidic coffee pods by Nespresso.


If you are a fan of intense coffee, Nespresso will please your palates. However, if you are like me and don’t enjoy the bitterness, you might want to make a few modifications to your Joe.

Overall, if you prefer convenience over perfection, Nespresso is definitely high-quality coffee. However, if you enjoy the coffee smell in your kitchen, then Nespresso might disappoint you. Also, it does give you control over various factors such as how fine the ground should be, etc..

Does Nespresso Taste So Bad?

No. Nespresso does not taste so bad. If it has tasted so bad, it would not be quickly gaining such popularity across North America. Even though it might take some time to gain a strong foothold in that part of the world, but the trend suggests Nespresso is there to stay.

For most people, it tastes good enough to satisfy their coffee needs. But for true espresso lovers, it might be difficult for Nespresso to convince them.

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Which Nespresso Coffee Is The Least Bitter?

The truth is, most Nespresso coffees are bitter. However, when I dived into the forums to find a solution, I found that some people recommended adding hot water from the kettle to make Nespresso coffee less bitter. The process is also called making your Nespresso ‘Americano’.

Another way you can gauge the bitterness of your Nespresso is to go to a Nespresso outlet and try their free tasting coffees (I don’t know if these are still available after Covid-19). If you like the taste, you can buy the least bitter pods for your machine.

how to improve quality of your Nespresso?

How to Improve the Quality of Your Nespresso?

The quality of Nespresso coffee is standardized as most of the process is automated. However, there’s a simple hack that you can apply to improve the quality of your Nespresso.

If your drink is coming out watery and thin, even though the stream flowing initially is dark and amazing, you can remove the cup in the middle of this process and let the streamflow in the drip tray at the end.

You have to be careful while removing your cup in the middle of the process as the liquid flowing out is very hot. But if you do it right, your coffee should taste significantly better.

You should also maintain your machine well to improve the quality of your Nespresso. Sometimes, the machine may require descaling, and it will indicate to you when there’s a need for it.

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Apart from this small hack, there’s really not much that you can do to improve the quality of your Nespresso.

Wrap Up

Well, that’s all about Nespresso coffee quality. We finally know the truth behind how Nespresso grows their beans and the process they follow from ‘bean to cup’ to make sure they maintain high-quality standards.

We also analyzed various factors to compare it with a shot of espresso and highlighted the right ways to improve the quality of Nespresso coffee.

Have a great quality Nespresso day!

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