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Nespresso Red Light: Diagnosis & Solutions

If your Nespresso machine is showing half or full red light or blinking twice and thrice etc. don’t panic, we’ll cover all about the Nespresso red light in this piece. In most cases, it’s not a fault that cannot be fixed in a few minutes.

Nespresso design their machines to be user-friendly. The red light on your Nespresso is just an indicator of a few minor fixes required.

However, there’s one fault that requires replacing your Nespresso machine by contacting the Nespresso Club, but even in that worst-case scenario, you get good customer service.

When the red light is solid red and does not blink, you have (hopefully not) the dreaded Red Ring of Death error. If you are a gamer, you must be familiar with the Red Ring of Death error in Microsoft’s X-box gaming console. It’s almost similar to the Nespresso.

Let’s have a look at what the red light on your Nespresso means and what are the possible fixes that you can try before giving up on your machine (I really hope it doesn’t come down to that for you).

Nespresso Red Light

Nespresso Red Light Meaning

If your Nespresso is showing a red light (whether half or full), blinking or stable, it means there’s something wrong with the machine that needs fixing.

I’ve elaborated on these steps in detail for each error separately. Keep reading to find out what’s wrong with your machine and fix it.

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Nespresso Red Light Stays On (Stable)

If your Nespresso is showing red light that is stable and fully round, then according to Nespresso’s official website, your machine is overheating and requires a cool off. The immediate you should do in this case is to unplug the cord and let the machine be for at least 15 minutes (you should let it cool down for more than that if you’re not in a hurry).

You can then plug it in and try to use it again, it should work fine. Mostly, this occurs if you forget to turn off the machine after using it or if you use it for making many cups during a party or other such occasions. 

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, you should contact the customer support of Nespresso. I’ve personally contacted them for some info about my Nespresso and found them to be very helpful.

But, I also came across a few people on the internet who complained that the helpline was not very helpful and that they had to keep waiting for quite some time.

If you’ve had a similar experience, feel free to enlighten others in the comments section below.

What Are My Options If The Red Light Error Persists?

If the error (red ring of death) still persists after following the instructions in the manual, there are two options available for you.

  1. The customer service representative will tell you to return your Nespresso machine and they’ll replace it with a new one (if it’s in warranty).
  2. In this case, Nespresso customer service will offer replacement of the machine but you will have to bear the cost. This is the worst of all the scenarios as it does not leave the customer any choice but to throw away their machines.

Red Light Blinks Twice Then Shows a Steady Green

It’s an indication of an empty water tank or something is wrong with the capsule inside your Nespresso (check its position).

If you are seeing this problem with your machine, you should check the water tank and fill it if it’s empty. You should pop open the head of your Nespresso and take out the capsule. Now insert a new capsule (or the old one) In the correct way before closing the head.

Just close the lid and the issue should resolve.

If you are still seeing the red light, you can repeat the procedure or call customer service for support.

Red Light Blinking Three Times And Goes Steady Red

This is an indication of an obstruction inside the machine’s head. Pop the head open and check for anything that causes this disruption in the functioning. When this error occurs, your machine does not function. The red light will blink 3 times every 2 seconds before going stable red.

Empty the capsule container and clean it with a dry cloth, you can blow it with your mouth if the obstacle is not too heavy. Try inserting a new capsule and see if it helps.

Red Light Fading

After you follow the instructions when your machine shows stable red light, you might see a fading red light now. Don’t worry, it just means your machine is cooling off. Just wait for a while and the light should go back to green.

Two Flashes of Red Light Then A Blinking Orange Light

It means your machine running a Special Function. You should open the top of your Nespresso and take out the capsule and then push the button for restarting it. If it shows “emptying the system” mode, you will have to remove the water tank from down under.

The Special Functions menu shows 4 options to the user:

  • Descaling
  • Cleaning
  • Emptying the system
  • Reset to factory settings

Red Light Flashes Twice Before Showing A Stable Orange Light

This also means your machine is in the Special Functions menu. Just choose the function you want to choose through the lever on the machine.

Basically, you should know that the orange light, whether steady or blinking usually means your machine is in a Special Functions mode. Just navigate through it by following the instructions I’ve mentioned and your machine should work fine.

In any case, orange light does not mean you need to worry about your machine as is sometimes the case with the red light.

Half Red Half Green Light (Stable)

If your machine is showing half red and half green lights and both are steady, there’s nothing to worry about. Your machine is indicating that it needs descaling. If you don’t know what descaling means, just read our detailed guide below.

Must read: How Often To Descale Nespresso? A Detailed Guide

The guide covers most of the Nespresso models and is very comprehensive.

Nespresso Red Light Warning


The solutions you see in the article are applicable for the Nespresso VertuoPlus model, therefore, please check the user manual before trying the solutions in this post. If your Nespresso model is different, it might be indicating a different error than the ones here.

However, with any Nespresso models, red light does indicate an operational issue with the machine. The specific solution might differ in some cases but if your Nespresso is showing a red light, chances are you will have to try one of the solutions mentioned above.

Always check your user manual first before applying these solutions.

Quick Recap And Wrap Up

In this post, we covered the possible faults occurring due to the Nespresso red light error. In some cases, the red light blinks, and in others, it remains stable. Most of the time, the red light on your Nespresso indicates an error that you can resolve at home.

However, we also discussed the red ring error in which replacing your machine becomes necessary. The good thing is, if your machine is on warranty, you can claim the replacement for free.

Have you experienced such errors with your Nespresso? If yes, do share your experiences here in the comments section below for others to learn. Also, share your experience with Nespresso’s customer support as the majority were satisfied with their quick response and service.

Have a Nespresso red light-free day!

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