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What is Nespresso Lungo? A Detailed Answer

As Nespresso gains a strong foothold in North America, coffee lovers in that part of the world are asking various questions related to this coffee.

A Nespresso Lungo is essentially a bigger version of your favorite espresso. It is designed for those whose espresso cravings are not satiated with a regular cup of coffee. It is espresso, but with around double the amount of water content of a regular Espresso. The only factors that differentiate Lungo from espresso are the duration of preparation and the caffeine content.

Simply, it is just another type of coffee that you can consider as the espresso’s elder brother, the Nespresso Lungo!

The Nespresso machines have special capsules made specifically for those who want to brew a Lungo. These capsules contain an additional amount of finely powdered ground and naturally more caffeine content.

In this article, we will comprehensively explain to you all the qualities of the Nespresso Lungo, and what gives it its special place in the coffee world!

What is Nespresso Lungo?
What is Nespresso Lungo?

Lungo Meaning

The word Lungo is actually of Italian origin. It translates to “long”. The literal translation of Espresso Lungo would mean “Long Coffee”. As evident from the name, it provides you with a longer version of your espresso with refined taste and a pleasant aromatic profile.

From the name of the coffee itself, it is pretty apparent that the Lungo is a milder, bigger cup of espresso.

The Nespresso Lungo contains the same ingredients as a regular espresso but with the addition of double the amount of water that is normally used.

Nespresso Lungo Button

On most Nespresso machines, there are two to four buttons, each for brewing a different type of coffee.

If we talk specifically about the Lattisima, there are two buttons on the left, and two on the right. In order from left to right, the respective buttons are Latte macchiato, cappuccino, Nespresso Lungo, and the Nespresso espresso.

The Latte macchiato and cappuccino buttons are on the left side of the machine, while the Lungo and espresso buttons are on the right surface.

You can also program the size of your Nespresso coffee by restarting the Nespresso machine, and the first coffee that you manually brew will be set as the default.

To know more about working of different Nespresso machines, refer to our article: How Does Nespresso Work

Nespresso Lungo Size

The size is long enough to fill an entire coffee mug. Compared to the regular espresso which is only the size of a standard-sized (regular) cup.

This makes it an excellent drink for those looking for a big, hearty, full cup of coffee! Although, the extra added water does dilute the coffee brew which causes the Lungo to be milder than a regular Espresso.

However, it retains that classic coffee aroma, and also the classic coffee taste, even with the added water!

How to Make a Lungo Nespresso?

Making a Nespresso Lungo is quite simple and easy to do. Just follow these simple steps:

1: Pick a Nespresso Lungo capsule and insert it into the Nespresso machine. The Lungo capsules are specifically designed to stretch out the coffee and are thus more intense than regular capsules.

2: Press the Lungo button on the right side of the Nespresso machine after placing a coffee mug inside. (The exact location of the button may vary depending on which model of Nespresso machine you are using).

3: You now have a Nespresso Lungo fully prepared. You can add milk and sugar to it as per your preference, but I like my Lungo in its natural form so I don’t add anything extra to it.

coffee capsules

Can You Make Lungo with Espresso Capsules?

There are separate Nespresso Lungo capsules for a specific reason. If you decide to make a Lungo with an espresso capsule, all it will end up doing is giving you a weak, tasteless coffee that can barely qualify as a Lungo.

The reason behind this is that the Nespresso Lungo capsules contain more caffeine content, and thus have more force to adequately extract themselves to make a nice, evenly-balanced cup of coffee. Whereas, the caffeine contents of the regular espresso capsules are inadequate to fill the full mug of coffee that the Nespresso requires.

Nespresso Lungo Vs Espresso Size

If you are wondering about the exact size of the two drinks and want to add precision to your next brew, read the detailed guide below.

Size of Lungo:

The size of a Nespresso Lungo is around 110ml (3.72 oz) of coffee.

Size of Regular Espresso:

The size of a regular Nespresso is 40ml (1.35 oz) of coffee.

Lungo Vs Espresso Caffeine

 Caffeine in Lungo:

 The Caffeine contents of Lungo can vary from 75-85mg.

Caffeine in Regular Espresso:

The caffeine contents of a regular espresso range from 55mg to 65mg.

Relevant Info:

To balance the dilution of the Lungo in water, the caffeine contents of an average Lungo capsule are considerably higher than that of a regular espresso. The Lungo has twice the amount of water as an espresso, which is why it contains more caffeine to be able to stretch into a coffee mug.

Meanwhile, a regular espresso contains less caffeine as it only needs to fit into a smaller cup with 40ml of water. Thus, it does not need to be stretched out and can retain its original espresso taste with less caffeine.

Attributes Espresso Lungo
Caffeine 55-65 mg 75-85 mg
Size 1.35 Oz (40 ml) 3.72 Oz (110 ml)

Can You Add Milk to Lungo Coffee?

Yes, you can add milk to the Nespresso Lungo coffee.

Generally, people drink their Nespresso Lungo coffee black since it is uncommon to add milk to it, but it can be added if desired. The milk should be heated first to match the temperature of the coffee so that it retains its flavor.

You can even add milk afterward directly into the cup of your Nespresso Lungo, and your Lungo is now ready to please your palates and energize you for the rest of your day.

Is there a difference in taste profiles of espresso vs Nespresso Lungo?

Nespresso Lungo is usually milder than a regular shot of espresso. This is because the Nespresso Lungo is more stretched and its caffeine content is evenly spread across the mug as the brew requires more water to prepare, so it ensures the right balance.

Nespresso Lungo, while not as strong as an espresso surely tastes bitterer than its counterpart. As the drink takes longer to brew, the bitter ingredients get more time to find a place in your coffee.

On the other hand, espresso tastes stronger since its caffeine content coalesces together due to less amount of water and more concentrated coffee grounds.

The differences are very subtle, if you are new to the world of coffee, you might not even identify the taste difference in the first few drinks. However, for the coffee connoisseurs, even subtle differences are quite evident.

Summarized Info

For those of you too lazy to read the entire article, here is a little TL: DR (Too Long, Didn’t Read).

It gets that name because it is essentially an espresso that has been stretched out to fill an entire mug of coffee.

It takes longer to brew than a regular espresso as the Lungo capsule is extracted more completely to be able to fill the complete cup of coffee.

The Lungo is milder and bitterer in taste than a regular espresso. The Nespresso machine has specialized capsules for making Lungo espresso, which contain a much higher amount of caffeine to fill the bigger cup.

You CAN add milk to the Nespresso Lungo after it has been made, although it is usually preferred black.

It is a perfect coffee for those who choose quantity over quality (that’s not to say that it also isn’t high quality!), and prefer their coffee in bigger doses.

Overall, it depends on your personal preferences. If you like your coffee very strong, then espresso should be your pick, however, if you want more quantity and are ready to enjoy a milder but a bitterer taste, Nespresso Lungo is the one for you.

I hope you found this useful and this article answered your question, what is Nespresso Lungo. If you did, do leave a comment below.

Enjoy your big cup of Nespresso Lungo!

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