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Does Coffee Stain Clothes? Save Your Day With These Tips

Coffee contains tannin, a substance that gives coffee its brown color and shade. The answer to the question does coffee stain clothes is a BIG YES! It is even truer for clothes having lighter shades.

Having answered the first part, the bigger worry for a coffee addict is how to remove old coffee stains from clothes? This is a tricky question that would require a detailed explanation.

First, let’s have a look at how clothes or anything else that comes into contact with your brew gets stained.

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Coffee Stains on Clothes and How Long Do They Last?

You just wore a new shirt to the workplace, but you are a coffee lover and can’t live without having your favorite brew before diving into your work.

But unfortunately, you just spilled your coffee on that new shirt and have a meeting to attend in half an hour. Can anything be done?

Fresh coffee stains are easy to come off as they have just made it to your shirt and are yet to settle down, that is only possible when you don’t pay heed to it or completely forget about it.

Usually, the most common response in case of a coffee spill emergency is to just soak a paper towel and start rubbing it off. If it’s a minor stain, this can even work, but in most cases, it won’t and would require a bit more effort than that.

Quick Fixes That You Can Try

Try tissue paper or anything that can soak liquid off your shirt. If that doesn’t work and the stain is still there staring at you, you should immediately try rinsing that part of the shirt with cold water.

Other quick fixes would involve a few items that are not readily available at your workplace, so you will have to wait till you reach home to clean the stain on your shirt.

White Vinegar can be effective in removing a fresh stain. It has the effect of sucking out those tannin particles from your shirt quickly before they are settled.

Another method to remove fresh coffee stains is to use soaps, detergents, and other stain removers that are easily available in your nearest grocery stores. You can just wash off the stain using one of these items.

The thing to avoid the stain is to try and rub it off. This will only spread the damage to other parts of your shirt and can worsen the problems for you. The best immediate response would be to pour some cold water over the stain to dilute it.

Does Coffee Stain Teeth?

This is another common and frequently asked question. The answer is yes because coffee can stain anything that comes into contact with it. It can even stain the mug in which it is being served to you.

The solution to coffee stain on teeth would obviously be different from how you remove that stain from clothes.

Since you cannot use detergents on your teeth, for a stain that looks fresh on your teeth, you can just remove it with a regular toothbrush. At other times, you might need to see your dentist to help you clean it up for good.

How to Remove Old Coffee Stains From Clothes? Effective Tips

Dried coffee stains are a nuisance to clean but not impossible. If done right, it can come off of your favorite shirt more quickly than you can imagine.

Here are 6 most effective tips that I found most helpful to help you get rid of those coffee stains:

Water and Detergent

The very first step you want to follow is to soak the part of your shirt that has the stain on it. Let it be there for a few minutes. The idea is to let the water reach the depths of your stain and make it easy to remove further.

Now, you need to choose a detergent, just sprinkle a bit over the stain and rub it off with water. The stain should come off, in case it still persists, you need to repeat the same process.

However, if it still does not work and you can see the stain on your shirt, it’s time to combine this method with others to enhance the effectiveness of these steps.

Warm Water and Dish Soap

The first step in this method is the same, you need to soak the stained part of your shirt in warm water and let it be there for a few minutes. Then just add 2-3 tablespoons of the Dish Soap and rinse after rubbing it thoroughly.

Dish soap can also work on your carpet and jeans in case you spilled your brew on those (Way to go barista!). Dish soap has properties that can extract the substance that forms the stain on your shirt.

The amount of Dish Soap to be used and the water will be as per your needs. Usually, 2 cups of warm water and 2-3 tablespoons of Dish Soap should do the trick for you. Further, you can modify it as per your preferences.

Stain Remover Pens (Tide to Go)

If you are someone who has faced coffee stain-related emergencies quite often, then this smart product should be in your purse or pocket.

It is a very effective product providing you with a quick fix to remove stains. Even if those stains are quite old, this product would be helpful for you to salvage the situation.

Can Baking Soda Work?

Baking soda can extract substances and it can be useful in removing those coffee stains. Yes, baking soda does work against stains.

The process of using baking soda to remove the stain is quite simple. Just mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with water and soak your shirt in it.

It should extract the stain in a few minutes, you need to be careful to not overdo it as it can spoil your shirt.

If the stain does not vanish completely, you need to repeat the process mentioned above until it is removed.

Does Vinegar Remove Coffee Stains?

Vinegar is another useful way to get rid of the old coffee stain. White vinegar also has the property to extract tannin (coffee substance) from your shirt or carpet etc.

Repeat this process if you see that it hasn’t completely come off.

The Magic of Club Soda

Club soda is another great way to tackle the coffee spill emergency. Club soda like other items mentioned can also extract stuff.

The method to use it is a bit different, you are to pour 2-3 tablespoons of club soda directly over the stain and let it rest there for at least 5-10 minutes, and voila!

In case the stain doesn’t go away, just repeat this process and it should come off easily.

Rubbing Salt over Your Stains

You must’ve heard about rubbing salt over your wounds, while that can be painful, if you rub that same salt over your coffee stains, it should have the opposite effect, as it would be a good remedy against coffee stains.

However, if the stain is old, you need to soak the stain first in water, this should unsettle the tannins. Then just rub a pinch of salt over your shirt. The stain should come off.

*Repeat the process if it doesn’t work for the first time.

Can You Remove Coffee Stains

Does Coffee Come Out of Clothes? Final verdict

Coffee stains can spoil a coffee lover’s day especially when they are at their workplace. If the coffee stain is new/fresh there are some quick remedies available to address this problem.

However, if the coffee stains are old, those would require special treatment. Some of the most effective ways were elaborated above in this piece. So the final verdict is yes, coffee can come out of clothes if you wash it as per the methods explained above.

Are you someone who has faced a similar situation in the past? Let me know in the comments below about how you overcame this challenge. 

I would also love to know about any other methods that can serve as a remedy for this issue. Enjoy a stain-free coffee day!

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